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* A portion of our proceeds will be donated to Global Green to further fund and promote sustainable initiatives. Scroll down to learn more.

Our Commitment To Climate Change

January 1, 2023

By now, we all know the rise of fast fashion has catapulted the industry into being a major source of pollution and waste to our lovely beautiful Planet Earth.

Our founder Sandy first discovered the issue in 2015. She began her journey down the rabbit hole of sustainable fashion - how could this be made possible? The more she researched, the more difficult and complex the puzzle pieces became.

It was such a deeply embedded and institutional-wide problem, she wondered how a young woman could play her part in doing something about it.

Was it time for her to quit her lifelong pursuit of building a fashion brand?


SUPESU is 100% committed to making our brand's products and operations as sustainable as we can, and we will continue to do so, as long as we are here serving and designing for you. 

Our Product Commitment 

All materials created, sourced and used in our collections are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100.  This means that there are no harmful substances in our fabrics and designs that you all love so dearly.  

All wash & care labels used on each garment are made from 100% recycled polyester.

We are also committed to using more lyocell- and bamboo-based materials in future collections as sustainability of raw material and production processes can make a big impact.

Our Packaging Commitment 

All paper-based materials used are from responsible forestry practices regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). All cardboard and paper materials used are certified FSC MIX. This way, forests can stay as healthy, happy and resilient as they can be!

For our plastic polybags, we source only quality-based ones that can be reused and repurposed as travel-friendly toiletry bags after its long journey to your beautiful home.

Lastly, when we hit enough orders to justify the cost, we have plans to eco-upgrade our polybags to ones made from 100% recycled materials ...and eventually, to ones that are 100% compostable!

Reducing Carbon Footprint & Fashion Waste

Shopping for sizes online can be a very anxiety-inducing experience. We all can relate to the struggles and risks taken when making that first purchase of a new style. Many retailers promote the "buy now, try at home and free returns" route.

However, when it comes to reducing carbon footprint, this strategy did not make sense to us all! Thus, we're making the big decision to go against the grain and invest more into upfront services that will help our customers feel good about the fit/sizing of their ordered pieces.

This is why we reach out to every single customer for a customized size check with our stylist before delivery. Not only does this reduce waste and carbon emissions from returns, but so many of our customers are delighted with the added service :) 

We're all for conscious purchasing, rather than amassing blind returns. We're consolidating our resources to promote our community (yes, that's you!) to purchase with the intention of a better planet.

When it comes to reducing waste, all our styles are made-to-last and designed in timeless cuts so you can wear your clothes for the years to come. We spend a lot of effort in bettering our supply chain to make only what we need and to prevent and limit overproduction. We don't always get it right... but we're improving as we grow!  

Global Green Alliance

With a growth mindset deeply embedded into our team and brand culture, we're announcing our alliance with Global Green this year.  With the likes of Dr. Jane Goodall and good ol' Leonardo DiCaprio on the board, the organization does a great job in facilitating projects that not only help offset & reduce carbon emissions, but they also work on solving underlying systemic issues - like educating the youth of tomorrow on the importance of sustainability.  

We will be kicking off our alliance by donating 20% of our sales from Jan 2023 to 2023 Earth Day in April to Global Green to help support initiatives such as the Ojai Climate Park, Fight for the Amazon, and the Global Green Journeys

If you've made it this far in the article, a big round of applause to you! *cue applause*

Thank you for your genuine interest, time and devotion to reading up about our sustainable practices. 

If you want to learn more about the Global Green initiatives that are dear to us, you can read more in the links below.  

If you just want to shop that stylishly good-looking piece you saw on a friend or on an ad somewhere and know that you're supporting us to make all of this possible, please... be our guest!

We've left a link of our trending styles for you to get started on your browsing and online shopping experience with SUPESU. 

Thanks so much for your support, and we hope you have so much fun supporting our brand!

Ojai Climate Park is the first and only climate park in the US that offset all Co2 emissions produced as a result of municipal activities. Learn more here.

Fight for the Amazon is a program that helps to reforest the Amazon by planting over 900 million trees to offset the damage and works with local farmers to establish a sustainable agroforestry system. Learn more here.

Global Green Journey is an initiative aimed at educating our youth on catalytic projects around the world working to solve the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a kickoff in the Maldives in 2022. Learn more here.